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Orders and shipments

Tell us what reference you are interested in and we will send it to you, or explain us your ideas and comments and together we will find the best design for your horsehair jewellery.

Most of our catalog creations are customizable to your liking in color, size and embellishments.

We offer you the possibility of sending your horse's mane and with your instructions we will make a totally unique and personalized jewel.


size guide



Think about where you want the pendant part of your necklace to hang and use the table in the image above to choose your size. You can also use a tape measure for a custom fit.



Measure your wrist at the largest part with a sewing tape measure. Wrap the tape around your wrist, but not tightly.
For ease of closure and your comfort, place one finger under the tape measure or add 1.30 cm (if you want your bracelet to not move too much), or 1.9 cm (if you prefer a looser fit) to the first measurement.


If you are not sure about the size, the following is an average size chart:

Adult Female - Small = 17-18cm

Adult female - Average = 18-19cm

Adult Woman - Large = 19-20cm

Girls - 8/9 years = 16-17cm

Girls - 10/13 years = 17-18cm

Adult male = +/- 20-21cm

When ordering, please indicate the length of the finished bracelet you would like, NOT your wrist size.

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Tips for shipping horsehair.

Cut and prepare your horse's hair:

Cutting horse hair is simple, painless and undetectable.

1) All hair on the horse must come from the tail  and wash before shipment.

2) Brush and comb the tail hair well.

3) Grab the longest hair at the bottom of the tail; just a handful, the diameter of a finger. And then you pull it well to the side so it's smooth with no slack and you cut the hair close to the tail bone.

4) Take a handful or more (if you're not sure, more is always better) to give yourself a good strand of hair.

5) Once you have collected the strand of hair, secure the top end with a rubber band.

Wash the mane:

Make sure to wash the hair well before sending it.

You can wash your horse's tail first, before cutting if possible, and brush well.

If washing afterward, rinse hair to remove surface dirt and debris, and wash twice with a mild shampoo and final rinse and lay flat on a towel or paper towel to dry.

Place dry hair in a bag with your entire order.

Do not braid or coil your horse's hair tightly.

Submit your hair:

When sending the hair, place it inside a plastic bag or similar and inside the shipping envelope. Also attach your name, postal address, telephone, email, size and any comments you deem appropriate.

If you are sending hair of sentimental value that cannot be replaced (a deceased horse), I advise you to send it by certified mail or courier.

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